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2017 Photo Galleries

It happened in 2017

WarmLand pictures for the group to download
[wppa type=”cover” album=”11″]WarmLand pictures[/wppa]

December 2017 Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”6″]December – What happened work play happenstance[/wppa]

November 2017 Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”8″]November[/wppa]

[wppa type=”cover” album=”12″]ICELAND AIRWAVES[/wppa]

October 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”7″]Pictures in Toronto and Windsor – Fall 2017[/wppa]

September 2017 Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”13″]September 2017[/wppa]

August 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”14″]August 2017[/wppa]

Barbados Trip 2017 July Fam Trip
[wppa type=”cover” album=”15″]Barbados Trip[/wppa]

July 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”16″]July 2017[/wppa]

Dad’s 93 birthday
[wppa type=”cover” album=”17″]Dad’s 93 birthday[/wppa]

Atlantic Launch
[wppa type=”cover” album=”18″]Atlantic Launch[/wppa]

June Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”19″]June Events[/wppa]

June 1st Media Launch
[wppa type=”cover” album=”20″]June 1st Media[/wppa]

May Party at Russ and Rose
[wppa type=”cover” album=”21″]May Party[/wppa]

D New Regulars Carnival Redemption launch
[wppa type=”cover” album=”22″]D New Regulars[/wppa]

May 2017 events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”23″]May 2017[/wppa]

Hawaii Maui Trip
[wppa type=”cover” album=”24″]Hawaii Maui Trip[/wppa]

Carnival Nationz Launch APRIL
[wppa type=”cover” album=”25″]Carnival Nationz Launch[/wppa]

jamaal’s launch
[wppa type=”cover” album=”26″]jamaal’s launch[/wppa]

Tribal Carnival’s Mas Camp Launch
[wppa type=”cover” album=”27″]Tribal Carnival[/wppa]

April 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”28″]April 2017[/wppa]

April Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”29″]April Events[/wppa]

March 2017 Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”31″]March 2017[/wppa]

February Events
[wppa type=”cover” album=”10″]pictures from February events [/wppa]

January 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”9″]Stuff from January including Socka stuff[/wppa]

Rome December 2016, January 2017
[wppa type=”cover” album=”33″]Rome[/wppa]