A day after I fell face first onto the road. October – first fall. Went to hospital
photo by Herman S for my urban art class
Jully Black backstage photo by sweirsweir. Old. Costume launch used for class
mural screen save for urban art course at Windsor U exam
picture used in essay for windsor U urban art class
used for creative writing course assignment Nov 2021
third fall in the last two months November 26 behind eg arena
pat and stephen on Tobermory dive boat. 1995. Testing a new Sony underwater camera. Cold! Maria took picture
Last air out of Halloween blow-up. Didn’t get a picture of his face, but, did catch his shadow near the dead Black Cat Halloween blow-up

don’t mess with the Spam police. Shot picture with my Ipad on the dining room table
picture 2 – Spam stacked differently. don’t mess with the Spam police. Shot picture with my Ipad on the dining room table
police raid pot shop in Toronto and seize pot made to look like real kids’ candy
sporting life mural of bike riders, removed. replaced by BofM mural for diversity. yonge and roselawn – Toronto
Actually Starweek hasn’t just improved. No Canadian content. Meters not Feet. Color not Colour. NFL not CFL Maybe next week?
Suggested Tip Iar for Andrew’s coming piano recital. I made this from a long damaged backyard planter found in Maria’s Windsor home
graffiti alley – photo by Herman – Toronto November 2021

Sporting Life replacement mural. November 2021. Roselawn and Yonge St. Toronto
The day after the night before. Tripped or collapsed on street near our house. Spent day in Sunnybrook Hospital. All okay
food truck mural popped up over the weekend. Yonge and Roselawn. Toronto
Ghosts on Castlefield Avenue