DECEMBER 2021 dead santas, family, bat girl, murals, misc

Christmas dessert. Homemade Chocolate Butt cake
Bat Girl spreads her wings
Mas Camp Costume Launch. Took this picture 4-years ago
A fan of my Santa killer files may have discovered who the Santa Slasher is. He took this pix of Yoda killing lawn santas with his Light Sabre
Air-Out Santa Face Plow - Toronto
Happened on my street Christmas Eve. Saw a man in the shadows slicing a lawn Santa. I yelled and ran to save the man in red. No luck. The force of the Air-Out Slash pushed Santa face first first into the snowbank
Boxing Day walk. Spotted a recently aired-out lawn Santa Claus. Don’t know who sliced and diced the lawn man, but I do know that a big brown Santa leech finished him off