December with a lot of Dead Santa Pictures and blasts from the past found during office desk purge

He was hung by his power cable. He was deflated. His friends were tortured.They lost their lights and their blowers. The Slasher wanted to know where Santa’s Village is. None of them talked. They even refused to tell him where the North Pole is! I arrived on the scene and scared the Slasher away. Poor Santa, not a breath of air left in his body. Windsor, Ontario

Sad in a way. But patrons in the food court enjoyed ( although many just ate and talked loud to overpower the Devonshire Mall choir in Windsor
Last train ride of 2022. Sitting in the Windsor Station and this strange man took my photo. Flash went off a couple of times. Returned the favour
Those were the days my friend. Scuba diving with the Minister of Environment July 1994 pix by weir
scan of pr photo taken on New Orleans paddlewheel back in 2019. Maria and I
scan of pr photo taken on New Orleans paddlewheel back in 2019. Maria and I
Dog sticker on Windsor Utility Box December 2022
Power box sticker bombed in Iceland
Slash unicorn in Windsor and yes I brought him back
Grinch bites garden dirt. I bring him back thanks to Duct Tape and my mini Bike Pump
OPUS Christmas dinner in Windsor. Walker Rd Middle Eastern resto, Photo by Maria
Our mall at yonge and eg put out bean bags for soccer fans to sit and watch the World soccer matches on their Giant TV screens above the shoppers. Bit of a scramble
missing OPUS cheque for train ticket I bought to attend Senate hiring committee meeting in Windsor. Went missing but here it is!
Artist died in December I took this when he came to check out the sculpture he donated to the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery
Our mall at yonge and eg put out bean bags for soccer fans to sit and watch the World soccer matches on their Giant TV screens above the shoppers. Bit of a scramble
I think I found the slasher’s weapon of choice. Was on the street beside a home that lost its inflatables to air wounds
First Trinidad carnival 2023 story written by me for Caribbean Camera
Calypso singer Roger Gibbs Shak Shak
Hung up to air out. Midnight on Roselawn Avenue by the Egg Park

drunken snowman falls off the roof. Could fit in Santa’s sleigh. Windsor
I saw mommy killing Santa Claus. Windsor. Walkerville
Shadow shows me taking this picture of a BIG Santa reduced t0 smile pile by the slasher Leaside Toronto
another pix to show my shadow taking pictures of dead Santas in Leaside
another look at my shadow taking dead Santa photo
Scan of Oma’s Stern. 80s. Germany worried about Russia and nukes
publicity still from a hockey play in 1974 that I probably reviewed for the Eyeopen at Rye
Went to the world premier of Maddaddam at the four seasons theatre in Toronto with Noreen Taylor and Maria
Front page promo for my mural story in box at bottom right
Droid’s AI assisted xmas card picture
Star week cover. For twitter post saying they need to feature Cdn TV shows on their cover for a change. I do this every Saturday

December 2022 Xmas, Santa and Windsor

My Saturday rant against Toronto Stars TV guide. Always American. Never Cdn. Why?
no worries – duct tape and my bike pump got them back giving full faced grins
duct tape to the rescue
Two down with one slash
snow man mourner on the right arrived before me – but I brought the victim back. Damn you Santa Slasher
forensic evidence uncovers another victim. snowman stiff near a red pipe
slasher one polar bear no score
all signs point to the grinch as being tonight’s guest slasher
slasher slashed the train cables in midtown Toronto. police were called. no arrests. I beat it out of there pdq
Christmas Eve Star Week TV guide. Still no Canadian content on the cover
had to use my night vision filter to get this midnight Windsor picture of a dead Santa
waiting for my healing touch and crazy glue to dry before I use my bike pump to bring them back to life in Windsor
OLYPenguin got the bird in Windsor. Did pump him up in no time. Had to leave in a hurry, home owner misunderstood what I was doing. score 1 for the Santa slayer
bodies amongst a front yard cornfield In Walkerville.
interviewing Roger Gibs at a D’Mello’s coffee shop
Art in the Park. In Park. Painted car. Windsor. 3 blocks south of the Detroit River and real close to Hiram Walker Distillery
Trash can art. Wyandotte Street Windsor. Ambassador bridge painting
reindeers ignore dead Santa on the porch in Windsor
Carrot points to the sky at mass murder site of xmas inflatables
Christmas Card we sent out. AI created by Andrew Weir. Photo shot on the side streets in Iceland
November rant against Saturday star
December night mural. Bloor and Christie. Toronto
Bums up. The wind just blew me this way