Everyone in my creative writing class hated every word I wrote

Every one in my 4th year creative writing class, at Windsor U hated every single word I wrote. Dali-1 illustration by sweir
“Bless me with good fortune,” he whispers to her. She’s young, with crinkly red hair and freckles crowding her cheeks.
one box for the body. one for the head. Dali-1 illustration by sweir for creative writing class story

April 2023 Back in Toronto

Started my day in the comic era museum waiting room of my dentist in downtown Toronto. Fun but it hurt. iPad picture
Damned if I can remember the movie, but, I do know I used this photo in one of my first movie reviews back in 74 or 75
chris Alexander says he wants to hire me to do pr for this summer’s event
publicity shot from Rated R section, Toronto . Caribbean Carnival do Nort burg Ayr permission from @jamai_photography
million people on the road during caribana. took this picture from the ontario place bridge
iceland star laughs at comment from Toronto fan at Harbourfront
Me and the painting of the sinking of the Mayflower. Balmoral Hotel stairwell. Maria took this picture of me
80s Sterrn cover from OMA’s collection
I took this at a festival near the Scarborough Town Centre. Caribe Dance. One of my favourite shots from Steven M’s festival
working all nite on the Mirvish Centre Bloor and Bathurst
portrait of our washing machine. Maria took the picture for the insurance company when the machine broke down. Woulda cost 1000$ without this picture

Yesterday, Today and Next Year

Accidentall photograph of my new keyboard
12- year old Balmoral Hotel in Barry’s Bay. Delivering 2022 tax returns to Richard Robyn April 21, 2023
my weekly star week picture for my tweet, picture taken with IPAD on diningroom table
cell photo shot of now empty lot. week before it was a booming pickle ball court
USED Dall-e-30034 to create this illustration for a creative writing cover about how class hate my work
Rated R!!! section from the Revellers, sent me this press photo for my article in the April Caribbean carrnival
loaded 600 photos into this new display frame. gift from Russ and Rose, Always on, always interesting
publicity shot from the Revellers. I am back writing about carnival for the Caribbean Camera. Used this in an April feature I wrote



Fuzzy, Many out of focus pictures taken with cameras, cell phones and borrowed from Associates – April 2023

captured poster jpg for my book Blood and Bubbles the History of Diving in Film
Worst picture of the year so far! Opus meeting and pizza call. Windsor University