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Ongoing collection of murals, graffiti and street art around the world

Downtown on Ouellette St. Picture taken with cell. Spring 20
Deep in the bowels of Toronto City Hall parking lot. Long neglected sticker car! Cell phone 2019
Get you haircut by a shark! Ouellette Street barber shop. cell photo. Spring 2020
Jeff the mural guy – daily tour in downtown Bogota, Colombia
Downtown Windsor Canada. Radio station mural, Ouellette Street. Cell phone picture spring 2020
Face and back of Jeff’s head – Bogota mural
back alley tour by Jeff in Bogota Colombia
fishing village in Iceland. Mural on side of fish processing plant
icelandic street art
6 years on as a Yonge Street alley north of Lawrence. Toronto
Murder Mural – Port Hope Ontario. Downtown back alley mural was painted for the filming of the Stephen King movie IF 2. (or maybe IF). Pix taken fall 2020
Fake backdoor to fake butcher store in downtown Port Hope, Ontario. Used in film of IF (or maybe IF 2)
Harsh Canadian weather is hard on murals. 3-years in, this Toronto back alley art is on its way out
O stickers are from the art gallery in down New Orleans – picture by M Nenadovich
cell photo near lawrence and bathurst – covus related. But like the late Hoyt Axton sang, “My Griffin is gone” – only up for a week or so in early 2020
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The Fall of 2020 Sept 1 to Dec 31 – shutdown continues

November. 2020. Outside the windows of the North Toronto Swimming Pool. cell phone photograph
Families out in force on Xmas morning at the Eglinton Park hill
Back in the 90s Maria and I and a lone male diver signed on to a six-pack dive boat to do a drift dive on a reef off St Croix.
Amazing reef, hundreds of thousands of schooling fish, healthy corals and terrific viz. Pre-climate change days. We were at 60 ft and were planning a dive of 50 minutes. Boat was to follow our bubbles. We whizzed above the corals barely having to kick.
When we came to the surface after a 5 minute stop at 15 feet, we found ourselves alone a fair distance offshore and a long way from our boat. Unbeknownst to us the current had changed and we drifted one way while the boat went in another pushed by a different surface current.
Pictured is Maria and an American CIA agent who signed on for the dive. We pumped up our BCs and waited and waited and waited. Talked ourselves out.
Weren’t particularly worried, since we weren’t far from shore, but we were concerned the nanny we hired to look after our sons back at the hotel might freak out. Also thought about the reef sharks we had seen below. After taking this picture were able to flag down the boat that was searching for us!
Actress Dawn Wells best known for her role as Mary Ann Summers on the Gilligan’s Island sitcom (1964 until 1967) has passed away due to the Covid virus. She was in Toronto five years ago to help open the Toronto International Boat Show. I got her to pose for this picture in a very expensive Sea Ray, a far cry from the Minnow. Very knowledgeable about boats and fishing and Toronto. A joy to photograph.
Those were the Days
Actress Dawn Wells best known for her role as Mary Ann Summers on the Gilligan’s Island sitcom (1964 until 1967) has passed away due to the Covid virus. She was in Toronto five years ago to help open the Toronto International Boat Show. I got her to pose for this picture in a very expensive Sea Ray, a far cry from the Minnow. Very knowledgeable about boats and fishing and Toronto. A joy to photograph.

Photographs – In focus and also the best of  sweirsweir’s Art of the Blur.  Fall 2020. Taken with various Olympus cameras,  Iphones, Ipads and pictures supplied by associates (where noted). Contact me if you wish to use any of the photographs (usually no cost).

fake door sign. Back alley of Port Hope
Used in the filming of It2
Covid shutdown brings out the worst in dog owners
frequent sight on street corners and in the parks of Toronto
IT2 mural
Port Hope, downtown used for filming of It and It2
last time I went to church 2016
closing service for Caribana downtown at St Stephens on King St East. Anglican with members of the FMC
walk of excellence
Jane Finch May 2020
Guess Where?  Beside Niagara Falls. Only place that has a recycle bin for ponchos!
yonge st alley mural
Still surviving Covid after 10 years Sept 2020
Pandemic season is also Construction season
Castlefield Avenue
Suiting up beside the St Lawrence River
what to eat after a dive - Poutine
Highway 2 chipwagon opened shop in August across from shore dive site just east of Prescott. St Lawrence river
Divers in Prescott. 40-50 divers every Saturday and Sunday at the wrecksite. No charge. No boat needed! Crowds dropped off by mid-October
Young Karin
Photo from Airwaves 2016- Young Karin, an Icelandic singer still in her pajama phase. Was often called Young Karen but that has changed with because of the new meaning of Karen. Iceland music festival November 2016
Tom Sawyer style dogwash
you wash the dog. you buy our soap. you pay us for the water. you open the front door – it is covid time at Yonge and St Clair in Toronto. October 2020
Rolls Royces at the Ontario Place Drive Inn
Media night at the Italian Film Festival. August 202o
mash-up of blue mean statues
in front of Roehampton condos. Public art. Yonge and Eg – Toronto
Waiting for our food at Port Hope’s Schnitzel drive-in
Twin Lions prowl parking lot in Port Hope
Twin Lion plate
the fresh water salmon running in Ganaraski River upstream from Lake Ontario
PORT CREDIT – fishing for salmon
Every gift bought after December 2nd was purchased online.
Had to find watermain shutoff for plumbers on Boxing Day – sprung a leak (and the furnace broke down)
Andrew, Mike and Donna talk to the family in Ottawa and Osgoode, Ontario Christmas Day. Dining Room has become the Zoom Room
Doggy Mural and Christmas stickers on the window – Gerrard and River
Christmas afternoon. Donna, Mike and Andrew
Weir Here Zoom screen


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