June 2021 pictures, taken/ harvested / created pandemic shutdown continues

Planters Peanuts Canada owns the Big Apple. Hormel/Spam now owns Planters
Long-time facebook follower photographer Herman Silochan, sent me this picture of myself 5 years ago giving the press a backstage look at the King and Queen competition
G’Day are you from the Valley? If so pick up today’s Sunday Star. Front Page features Olympian runner Melissa Bishop-Nriagu as she prepares for Tokyo. As everyone knows she’s from Eganville, Ontario, the heart of the Ottawa Valley
still trying to get my Ryerson marks over to University of Windsor
Wrote a story about the new Face of the Festivals. Celina


Celena Seusahai, well-known Toronto Mas Model, Queen of the Carnival and longtime Carnival organizer sent this picture to me for my article. Copyright by Cee don’t use without permission

Prescott Dump, cans and shadows only
Anti Vaxers take to the ancient protest form of grafitti
Those were days! Working on film for the McMichael Gallery, Charlie Pachter and Margaret Atwood