PRIVATE Pictures Xoom Presser December 11 Copywrite do not use

Pay Pal’s @Xoom held a media launch Tuesday in Toronto to promote their new to Canada on-line person-to-person money transfer business. Xoom’s California based GM Julian King kicked it off by announcing Olympic Jamaican gold medalist Usain Bolt is now its global brand ambassador
Xoom GM and Jamaica Gleaner in Toronto
photo by Stephen Weir
Photo by Stephen Weir
photo by stephen weir
photo by Stephen Weir
Full House – Photo by Stephen WEIR
King talks to Asian TV show – photograph by Stephen Weir
Julien King by Stephen Weir
The Loft. Full House. Xoom presser. Toronto Photo by Bin Kon Loo
GM Manager King’s animated presentation in Toronto – Bin Kon Loo photo
Stephen Weir (me) at presser for Xoom. Bin Kon Loo photograph
Xoom general manager Julien King (left) interviewed by Punjabi TV. Bin Kon Loo photo