November photographs Dead Santa Season begins, Windsor, Toronto, Iceland pictures

Guitar Guru street art. Side of music building in Reykjavik near our Condo November 2022

my next course
art bar

aired-out knifed and hung up-to-dry on Roselawn at midnight

A tray of trouble. wood in the granola bar. brought a box. of 28 to iceland and put out on our counter. Bit in the contaminated boar around number 10
bikes in chains boat on stilts iceland
Bumper boat in harbour near harps iceland
PR photo of Patricia Jaguarnauth – story I posted on social media about her return to the public eye (with her permission)
This week’s Star Week cover – still pushing American culture and ignoring Canadian films, TV shows and broadcast events
Ivan Ayre at installation of his donated sculptors at the McMichael. Used in November for an online obit I wrote for Facebook. I took this picture
picture for dealership. damage front right of car Probably done by our “neighbours” the Wyatts. Cell phone picture
No shit sherlock. Pun in sign – On Site, but really should be On Sight. Yonge and St Clai. cell photo
Toronto Star Week does run an ad for one of its Podcasts buried in the lower left corner
First iPad photo of September – my computer screen. Just found it buried on my desktop
Bogota Mural photo I took. Used as a background on my University of Windsor Teams account
picture of the piece of wood I found while eating this granola bar. Bought a box of 28 for our trip to Iceland. Probably bit into the bar November 3rd. I scanned it on my scanner and sent to manufacturer. An apology of course and a promise of a refund, but, no warnings sent out to consumers.
Books, Booze, Food, Jazz Music and Poetry. Saturday in a downtown bookstore during Airwaves (Iceland)
Art of the Blur. No idea how I took this. Saw it when unloading my Icelandic pixs
ART-OF-THE-BLUR Hermigervill ON-KEYBOARD on stage at KEX-HOTEL.jpeg, Pre Airwaves concert
Getting ready for outdoor book launch in Reykjavik. Iceland Noir fiction. Tent in the century+ old downtown jail’s parking lot.
lets cancel art graffiti near iceland’s church pictured in the graffiti


sweir enters the launch for new novel
One of the reasons we go to Airwaves. Laufey
Outdoor alley bar in Reyjkavik. Einstein mural, kegs of beer and picnic tables. Urban Art. Street Art.Iceland
Rolling Blue Box? Taken June 2021 back when the movie theatre at Castlefield and Yonge still stood. A very small man pushing a very full groccery cart to the LCBO to cash him the empties he has harvested
got hot as the concert continued
our condo beside chair. Icelandic Chic?
Books on stand for outdoor. launch in Reykjavik. Iceland Noir fiction
Laufey on the keyboard. Nov 2, pix taken by me from loft in Icelandic downtown church Airwaves
left the piano to play her guitar. Every pew taken and some on the floor
one in the tree, two on the ground The carnage continues in Toronto. Santa killings all across town. One Santa has been de-aired, two freshly slashed Santas lie beneath. Only part of the second Santa can be seen below the hanging Santa’s feet. Who is the Toronto Santa slasher?