March photographs

Wood it be chocolate – student art
cell picture. Yonge St. pickle ball park packed up and vanished
me and horace Thorne’s son at trinidad consulate, event for dead Horace
one wall of student exhibition
student photo of girl in the tube
what we found in March when the snow disappeared in North Toronto
Second alien illustration by AI illustrator for my 4th year Creative Writing course

Student’s face portrait grade 8 art exhibit
clothes dryer photographer from our basement
Selena (Tribal Mas) was in Trinidad for their carnival. She sent this to me to use in the Caribbean Camera. Which I did
Grade 9 artwork at March exhibit. looks like chocolate but is bits of pressed board
cover art for the etobicoke art school exhibition. Fork crown
student art. 100 empty tins on board
melting santa grade 9 painting
Dall-e-2 creation of an alien scuba diver for my Windsor U Creative Writing course short story about Zombie Reef
my at Chinese NY wall CAW centre Windsor U
stolen rabbit. pix taken-in NYC by Ander from. Always looking for odd travel
printed this in the Caribbean Camera with PJ’s permission
My funeral garb these days
on assignment – student art exhibition, stopped at front door to take this
living Tree wrap Windsor