Lakefield Leader photographs. 1975 to 1978

The extended Lakefield Leader staff in the newsroom. photo by Stephen Weir. Lakefield Ontario
I tour the Lakefield students through the newsroom. Bit hairy. My first tour
Sandra Nicholls 1975. Left the Lakefield Leader to open her own store – fabrics and sewing. Downtown Lakefield

newspaper photographs B&W. Developed in Bill Dickenson’s basement (and thus are fading and curling into oblivion)


August 2022 Carnival month

All Aboard the Freedom Train and Emancipation Day Service  Honorary conductor the Honourable Jean Augustine

Belt Line art. The bike/walking trail goes under the Eglinton Rd Bridge. Man’s face painted on wall. urban art

mural in basement of St Lawrence Market, in lunch space


Woke for Vok at Harbourfront Nordic outdoor concert. Vok one of our fav Icelandic bands

Who ia the singer in the lite. I took this pix in 2017. Think she is British and very young. One of the acts at Airwaves in Iceland – rediscovered August 2022 while housecleaning my desktop

Train Art. Waiting for Go Train in Brampton





Stormers take over the road – picture from the Ontario Place Bridge across Lakeshore

PR photo carnival nationz revellers in Adidas shoes

Bee float stalled by swarming stormers

Approaching the judge’s stand. Tribal in red

out of focus – four security guards watch stormers from the sideline near Hotel X

Luna section performs for the Judges

recropped photo of Luna section performing for the Judges

vest find at the parade

Craigg on a truck

A week later

Maachel t-shirt for the parade

Little Girl and her mom with a big message on the TTC Underground Freedom Train

Jean and her friends at Union Station




April to now. July 16 2022 in a crazy mixed up order

Don't kick the ball
Sign out front of gallery. Hamilton Gallery of Art
June 2022

Just before Trudeau’s convoy of 10 SUVs arrived at Black Methodist church, Anthony and I were escorted off the property

Brampton gallery’s summer outdoor exhibition

Maria’s old apartment building on University Ave in Windsor back in 1077. Took June 2022

January 1971 – hit parade from CKLW Windsor

Odie from the Caribana parade 10 years ago. Rob Ford wines a reveller

Wall art. Windsor’s oldest fish and chips pesto. Tecumseh Ave. Pat and Hanks. July 2022 (it opened in 1955)

Four Principals come to a fork in the road. Actually a 4-way crossing. Walk of Distinction June 2022 near York University

Herman Silochan = Energy costume launch
Couldn’t use Herman’s photo of the Energy Costume launch. Catches the energy of the mas but not suitable for community paper. Did use a few others of his though

Singing Goodbye to her classmates. Grade 12 graduates at CWJefferies June 2022

sunlime 2022 costume launch – by Herman Silochan

Face of the Festival at Media Launch for Caribbean Carnival 2022. June 2022 at Hotel X photo by weir

Fat Stephen about to say good-bye to his fav jean shirt. Should never have washed it. July 2022. Maria did the honours with her cell phone

the late Max Eisen. Was helping him with a reading at the Yonge Eg Indigo Book Store. Sold out. Store forgot to provide a signing table, no matter men in the long waiting line took turns lending out their backs

still my favourite spam shot. used a black table cloth for the studio I set up in our dining room

In My Body By Bboyizm/Crazy Smooth Co-presented by dance Immersion, Canadian Stage, and TO Live. March 2022. used in my interview of Crazy Smooth – the man in the air above

The Ford boys hang out at the Caribana Parade.
mayor Rob, bro Doug and councillor Joe Mhivek 2011.jpg

Getting the finger from a dummy at the Hudson Bay store at the Eaton Centre in Toronto

John Bennett. The former McMichael Gallery executive chef passed away in June 2022 – McMichael photo 14 years old, brought out for obit

Caribbean Camera cutline says it all

Real estate sent out this flyer bragging that the Premier Ford is using their services to sell his Etobicoke home. I got the oversize flyer shoved through the mail box June

Craigg’s Eye View. Craigg Slowly took this for me. Mas costume show before this year’s Parade

June 2022 Back on Yonge St. Million fans

silent protest to street preacher calling down God’s wrath on the gays in the Pride Parade. He couldn’t handle the topless ridicule and put his megaphone awaya aauantil she left.


March – 2022 – very few pictures this month

in my office installing new computer

Old picture used on Facebook

109 Castlefield Ave

just in time for St Patrick’s Day – Eglinton St

10th of March. One last snowstorm

Bloor Street – snow almost gone – coffee shop ready to serve


February 2022 pictures during new computer cross-over most for my articles

old carnival mash-up picture I created

February Mini Anti Vax parade

Promo for my story on Caribana 2022 is a Go, Caribbean Camera Feb 23 2022

Display case for Rhythms and Resistance Exhibition at Friars Museum

Caribbean music store neon sign. Now hangs in Friars Museum. Toronto

Caribbean Camera, my story on Caribana gets the go ahead and Jamaal Magloire announces 2022 costume launch

After 10 years – bought a new computer

Story about the Friars Museum exhibit

Friars Museum floor panel

Promo pix I used for story about The Porter TV series

screen grab from the Revellers Face Book

Nicholas, cutout, Mark and Klive at Friasa Museum installation – Yonge/Dundas

Friars Museum, Toronto, opens a new exhibition – History of Caribbean music in Toronto


January 2022 street photography, murals, dive related, historical too

Vet’s basement window in Toronto. Pet murals don’t disappear they just fade away. Think this Yonge Street mural is over 10 years old.

went to the PATH on Saturday to get my steps in. Empty save for other walkers like me. Union Station to College.

went to the PATH on Saturday to get my steps in. Empty save for other walkers like me. Union Station to College.

Bridge over Queen St between Saks and Eaton Centre. walking the path on Saturday. cell picture

Blood and Bubbles from the 50s

best patties on Elm St. closes on Jan 27 to make room for condo tower

The Path. Underground downtown Toronto. Everything closed because of Covid

chef does Facebook with AGO and I write about it

Sign in Eaton Centre. Mostly empty. Covid. I was walking the Path on Saturday to get my 10,000 steps

January 7th, Christmas Day (if you are of the Orthodox faith) in Toronto, Slashers last slash of the season? White, Red and Dead. This Lytton Park household woke up to find their lawn Santa deflated and the air blower removed. Home owner said Santa will rise again, only small puncture wounds found on the victim.


DECEMBER 2021 dead santas, family, bat girl, murals, misc

Christmas dessert. Homemade Chocolate Butt cake

Bat Girl spreads her wings
Mas Camp Costume Launch. Took this picture 4-years ago

A fan of my Santa killer files may have discovered who the Santa Slasher is. He took this pix of Yoda killing lawn santas with his Light Sabre

Air-Out Santa Face Plow - Toronto
Happened on my street Christmas Eve. Saw a man in the shadows slicing a lawn Santa. I yelled and ran to save the man in red. No luck. The force of the Air-Out Slash pushed Santa face first first into the snowbank

Boxing Day walk. Spotted a recently aired-out lawn Santa Claus. Don’t know who sliced and diced the lawn man, but I do know that a big brown Santa leech finished him off



A day after I fell face first onto the road. October – first fall. Went to hospital

photo by Herman S for my urban art class

Jully Black backstage photo by sweirsweir. Old. Costume launch used for class

mural screen save for urban art course at Windsor U exam

picture used in essay for windsor U urban art class

used for creative writing course assignment Nov 2021

third fall in the last two months November 26 behind eg arena

pat and stephen on Tobermory dive boat. 1995. Testing a new Sony underwater camera. Cold! Maria took picture

Last air out of Halloween blow-up. Didn’t get a picture of his face, but, did catch his shadow near the dead Black Cat Halloween blow-up

don’t mess with the Spam police. Shot picture with my Ipad on the dining room table

picture 2 – Spam stacked differently. don’t mess with the Spam police. Shot picture with my Ipad on the dining room table

police raid pot shop in Toronto and seize pot made to look like real kids’ candy

sporting life mural of bike riders, removed. replaced by BofM mural for diversity. yonge and roselawn – Toronto

Actually Starweek hasn’t just improved. No Canadian content. Meters not Feet. Color not Colour. NFL not CFL Maybe next week?

Suggested Tip Iar for Andrew’s coming piano recital. I made this from a long damaged backyard planter found in Maria’s Windsor home

graffiti alley – photo by Herman – Toronto November 2021

Sporting Life replacement mural. November 2021. Roselawn and Yonge St. Toronto

The day after the night before. Tripped or collapsed on street near our house. Spent day in Sunnybrook Hospital. All okay

food truck mural popped up over the weekend. Yonge and Roselawn. Toronto

Ghosts on Castlefield Avenue



photographs taken during chemo (not many and not very good)


pictures taken in August 2021 including Emancipation Day events

Shortly after showing up at the Bloor Street Emancipation Day event, the Fort York MP announced he isn’t going to run again for the Liberals. His wife Nicole in Red, organizer Itah Sadu has her arm raised.

Many sections to the Emancipation Day Parade

Section from the parade
Signs say it all. Christie Pitt Park. Stephen Weir photographer


End of the Bloor Street walk. Slave section show their signs

End of the Bloor Street walk

holding up the signs that were shown on Bloor Street in Toronto

Playing in front of the ROM. Part of Emancipation Day event in Toronto

downtown Toronto

The joy of Mas

Major media story for CBC radio, TV and

more pictures crom yonge and bloor

In costume for a serious reason!

missing red shoes
Yonge and Montgomery – shoes part of functional art installation. But, have been removed as of August 5, 2021

Mas in front of the Tiffany store on Bloor

young drummer in Christie Pits Park – Toronto

Neville’s book – for a 1990 show at the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery

actors wearing slave chains

Slim Jim®, the on-the-go meaty snack has partnered with Chris ‘Slim Duck’ Boucher, Canadian professional basketball player, as its newest brand ambassador. The endorsement partnership will come to life in advertising materials, including social media and in-store displays at retailers across Canada this fall. (CNW Group/Conagra Brands, Inc.)

Emancipation Flex on Bloor St

Waiting for the event to begin. In the shadow of the Hudson Bay building at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto. Emancipation Day event – August 1, 2021

The Joy of Mas in front of Bloor St subway enterance
August 1, 2021 Emancipation Day in Toronto

Emancipation Day walk down Bloor, The Resistance with Calypsonian Henry Gomez left and company

The Joy of Mas on the Mink Mile -Toronto- Emancipation Day event August 1

purple door – toronto island – photo by Pat Whetung – do not borrow without permission. Needed for a photo savage hunt for Women’s Health


press photo from truck festival, not my photograph. do not use

used in stories for media for this year’s Caribbean Carnival

Scarborough Town Centre, Toronto. Photo by Herman S, Do not use without permission

Mas at the Mall
Full Mas costume. Model at Carnival Flavours, outdoor music festival at the Scarborough Town Mall. Last event for 2021 Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Photo by Herman S. Do not use without permission

Emancipation Day event on Bloor St August 1, 2021
Wendy Jones (Pan Alive) with the Garvey sign. Young girl and her mother with Black Power signs.

Yesterday treasures, Today's Trash
Sign says child in this Edith Avenue house has graduated from grade 6 (Allenby) and a few days later the grad’s Power Ranger toys were up for grabs!