April 2021 – photographs taken and material from 70’s files


Message in a Barrell
Street art photo taken in 2019. Used in Social Media Posting in April 2021
promo pix from the mid 70s. Lakefield Leader
Lawn blow-up dolls on an east Toronto front yard. Knife attack photo by George Socka
Volunteers are in Toronto shipping warehouse preparing donations for Volcano relief in St Vincent
Toronto Star feature on Laurie Ryerson Ap 2021
Ipad photo of Laurie Ryerson’s picture on Deb Dundas feature. Dining Room pix for social media posting
Ipad Windsor Pizza
Ambassador Pizza on Bloor St in Toronto introduces Windsor style pizza. Excellent. Social media posting. Ipad dining room table picture April 2021
Columbia Beans (bag seats)
Outdoor concert in Bogota. Taken in 2020 and used in Social Media post in 2021