April to now. July 16 2022 in a crazy mixed up order

Don't kick the ball
Sign out front of gallery. Hamilton Gallery of Art
June 2022
Just before Trudeau’s convoy of 10 SUVs arrived at Black Methodist church, Anthony and I were escorted off the property
Brampton gallery’s summer outdoor exhibition
Maria’s old apartment building on University Ave in Windsor back in 1077. Took June 2022
January 1971 – hit parade from CKLW Windsor
Odie from the Caribana parade 10 years ago. Rob Ford wines a reveller
Wall art. Windsor’s oldest fish and chips pesto. Tecumseh Ave. Pat and Hanks. July 2022 (it opened in 1955)
Four Principals come to a fork in the road. Actually a 4-way crossing. Walk of Distinction June 2022 near York University
Herman Silochan = Energy costume launch
Couldn’t use Herman’s photo of the Energy Costume launch. Catches the energy of the mas but not suitable for community paper. Did use a few others of his though
Singing Goodbye to her classmates. Grade 12 graduates at CWJefferies June 2022
sunlime 2022 costume launch – by Herman Silochan
Face of the Festival at Media Launch for Caribbean Carnival 2022. June 2022 at Hotel X photo by weir
Fat Stephen about to say good-bye to his fav jean shirt. Should never have washed it. July 2022. Maria did the honours with her cell phone
the late Max Eisen. Was helping him with a reading at the Yonge Eg Indigo Book Store. Sold out. Store forgot to provide a signing table, no matter men in the long waiting line took turns lending out their backs
still my favourite spam shot. used a black table cloth for the studio I set up in our dining room
In My Body By Bboyizm/Crazy Smooth Co-presented by dance Immersion, Canadian Stage, and TO Live. March 2022. used in my interview of Crazy Smooth – the man in the air above
The Ford boys hang out at the Caribana Parade.
mayor Rob, bro Doug and councillor Joe Mhivek 2011.jpg
Getting the finger from a dummy at the Hudson Bay store at the Eaton Centre in Toronto
John Bennett. The former McMichael Gallery executive chef passed away in June 2022 – McMichael photo 14 years old, brought out for obit
Caribbean Camera cutline says it all
Real estate sent out this flyer bragging that the Premier Ford is using their services to sell his Etobicoke home. I got the oversize flyer shoved through the mail box June

Craigg’s Eye View. Craigg Slowly took this for me. Mas costume show before this year’s Parade
June 2022 Back on Yonge St. Million fans
silent protest to street preacher calling down God’s wrath on the gays in the Pride Parade. He couldn’t handle the topless ridicule and put his megaphone awaya aauantil she left.