September 2022

Windsor U Frosh week near Dillion Hall. Mascot for three off-campus bars including Ariius at the Windsor Casino
Windsor. Part Mural, Part Net Flix ad for Iron Ring
used iPad to take the first picture of September 2022
Wendy Jones. Pan Fantasy. It was all a blur
We all went to the pig roast on the Toronto Island. Queen City Club. Ander took this pix of Maria,donna, super blurred Mikey and me.
5pm, CNE shuts down. The giraffes head into the barns
pan fantasy bass pans. CNE concert on the International Stage. Last day 2022
Wendy Jones and Pan Fantasy perform at the CNE. Last act of the summer. Sang Hot! Hot! Hot!
Backstage at the CNE with Pan Fantasy. September 1 2022
At the CNE 2022. His famous paintings and sculpture, Cdn flag, the moose. the hockey player
Charlie Patcher’s art exhibition beside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre
painted on the side of kiddies fun ride, CNE. Last day. Sept 1
Another front page on the Caribbean Camera for weir
more tiff and CTFF stories by me
Mural art on the side of kiddie’s fun house ride at the CNE. September 2022